Performance Vitamin Pack 1&2


Want to take what fuels the champions, but tired of picking up random supplement bottles and brands hoping you have it right? Let’s be honest – who has the time or money for that? What you need is a pre-constructed multivitamin pill pack that is properly dosed, effective, convenient and leaves the guess work out.

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Meet FIGHTAMINS the  own proprietary vitamin dose packs.

Filled with high-potency, comprehensive multivitamins dosed to fully support the nutritional needs of serious training athletes. Each pack contains the essential key, highly-absorbable nutrients to keep your body functioning at its optimum level, while packaged in individual convenient peel packs that make it super easy to take wherever you are and whenever you need.

  • Supports overall health and immunity for men and women
  • Optimizes performance with ample vitamins, minerals, and herbs
  • Zinc, Vitamins C, B, D, Fish oil, Green Tea Extract and more
  • Costs less than buying individual supplements separately making it easy for your body and wallet to digest

So save your time and money for when you need it most and throw FIGHTAMINS  into your routine and level up your performance and savings like a champion.


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