If you are in the market for a Full Spectrum CBD lotion or salve, then we’ve got you covered. You may find yourself with aches and discomforts after a workout and especially after a fight. You’re looking to get some fast relief directly to where the problem areas make themselves known. Our salve or lotion is perfect for those times.

Full of natural ingredients like shea butter, glycerin and beeswax that support and moisturize the skin, our salves and lotions contain copious amounts of CBD and CBG that are ready to absorb through your skin to get right to the joints and muscles that need it most.

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  • Muscle Rub Lotion
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    CBD Muscle Rub: Full-Spectrum CBD


    Introducing our newest topical- our signature CBD Muscle Rub Lotion!

    Comprised of 531mg of CBD blended with 478mg of CBG- this lotion is ready to take on the toughest cases of muscle aches and pains!

    We’ve combined our favorite formula with a nourishing signature blend of plant extracts to leave your skin nourished & feeling hydrated.

  • A top-tier CBD Salve made from hemp extract by TheFightDoctors.Com
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    Full Spectrum CBD Salve


    Our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD Salve is a safe and natural way to get holistic benefits directly to the areas you need it. Our blend of essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax will hydrate and revitalize your skin while the menthol and our potent CBD and CBG-rich formula penetrate deeply for quick relief. Leave your skin feeling supple and provide support for your everyday activities with our Full Spectrum CBD Salve.

At TheFightDoctors.com, everything we do is geared toward the health of combat sports fighters. The information we provide, our services, our products, and our mission are all geared toward helping you get ready for the ring and to help protect you while you are in there. To fulfill part of that goal, we only offer the purest, all-natural hemp-derived products on the market. Let’s take our Muscle Rub Full Spectrum CBD lotion, for example.

Not only do we insist on using only American grown hemp to create our products, but we also use advanced extraction techniques to make sure the hemp oil from which we create our products is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents that you may find in products that use imported hemp or cheaper extraction methods. But we don’t stop there.

Every one of our items, including our salves and lotion, are tested by an independent laboratory. This is vitally important because the Food and Drug Administration does not currently monitor the manufacturing or labeling of hemp-derived products. Unfortunately, this means those products can, and often are, mislabeled and don’t carry the amount of CBD listed on the label. What’s worse, these items may contain harmful fillers and contaminants that may be detrimental to your health. 

This is why you should never select a CBD or Delta 8 THC product that has not been tested by a third-party laboratory and can’t provide you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from that laboratory that establishes exactly what is in the product. 

This is why you should always get your CBD and Delta 8 THC supplies from TheFightDoctor.com. We insist on maintaining the ultimate standards for everything we carry, and we provide a COA for every item we carry. Therefore, you should insist on only the best, and we provide only the best.