Full Spectrum CBD Salve


Our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD Salve is a safe and natural way to get holistic benefits directly to the areas you need it. Our blend of essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax will hydrate and revitalize your skin while the menthol and our potent CBD and CBG-rich formula penetrate deeply for quick relief. Leave your skin feeling supple and provide support for your everyday activities with our Full Spectrum CBD Salve.

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Why You Should Purchase All of Your Hemp-Derived Products from Fight Doctors

We realize you have many options when it comes to hemp-derived products, so we at Fight Doctors are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that you rely on us for all of your CBD and Delta 8 THC product needs. Here’s what you are going to find when you shop with Fight Doctors.

#1. A well-put-together and informative website. This is important because there are a lot of fly-by-night distributors in our industry. One way to tell you that you are with a reputable dealer is by looking at their website. It should be chocked full of information about their products and contain information about the company, its representatives, and have easy to find contact information. The site should also contain blogs and other helpful information on other related subjects.

#2. Products that are legal on a federal level across the U.S. Many of our competitors have misleading or even incorrect labels on their products. Some of these products contain enough Delta 9 THC to be illegal on a federal level, which could cause legal issues for an unsuspecting customer. We ensure that all of our products meet the criteria to be federally legal in the United States.

#3. We only use hemp grown in the U.S. American hemp farmers must follow strict guidelines set by the USDA. These guidelines ensure that American hemp is grown in clean soil and without the use of pesticides. Imported hemp may be grown without these same standards and may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and molds that make it into their final products.

#4. We test all of our products through an independent laboratory. The FDA does not regulate the hemp-derived products industry. This allows for the chance for unethical companies to mislabel their products and even allow potentially harmful ingredients into those products. The only way to be sure of what is in a hemp-derived product is by examining the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent lab that has tested that product. This is why we test all of our products and make those COAs available to you, our loyal customers.

When it comes to your health, you don’t want to risk it on cheaper products that may not be legal, may contain hazardous chemicals, or maybe mislabeled. Instead, trust only premium retailers like Fight Doctors, who work to give you the best hemp-derived products on the market today.


Keep your Full Spectrum CBD Salve tightly sealed between uses to avoid unnecessary exposure to air and light. Store the container in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. With proper storage, the cannabinoids in this product will remain potent for up to one year.


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